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Across time and continents, our ancestors communed. Using sound, song and dance, they celebrated, performed rites of passage, attained altered states, accessed Spirit realms, healed their sick, and ritualised harmony and presence, to transcend, transform and manifest their reality.

Today, we’ve forgotten our ancient songs and sacred ceremonies.

Yet, despite advancements in technology and medicine, our health has never been more compromised. Our happiness, never more challenged. Our earth, never more endangered.

What if there was a better way?

Weaving ancient practises from around the globe, with modern, cutting-edge science and technology, our groundbreaking pioneers share their in-depth knowledge of our ancestors wisdom; who mapped the stars, built geometric, resonant, temples and stone circles, aligned with the Earth and the Solar system, where their sounds and voices facilitated self-healing and thriving communities.

Our speakers have been chosen, that they might tell a story. The interviews on our members site are the beginnings of a dialogue between some of the world’s most intelligent minds in the cutting edge fields of sound therapy and vocal practises, bringing together the pieces of a puzzle, of a mystery, seemingly, long forgotten.


The TST membership site is an evolving, educational resource, born from the Transformational Sound Therapy free online summit, hosted by Jen Wilson, which ran from May 1st – May 26th 2018. The response to the summit was phenomenal, and the demand so high to keep the interviews available, that I created this site so everyone can absorb this rich wealth of wisdom at your own pace and leisure. The site will evolve as we add more resources, and continue to learn and grow together. 

Delving deep into the mystery of our resonant Universe, we discover a myriad of ways to attune ourselves with the harmonious, natural world of which we are intrinsically a part, not only to reclaim our own health, well-being and Divinity, but that of our precious Earth.

The aim of this site is to provide an understanding of how and why, harmonious sound and our own voice can be beneficial, and to provide a myriad of simple, natural ways to re-attune to our optimum health and vibration, where we may become healed, and empowered to enjoy a fulfilled, blissful life, aligned with our deepest truth.

Harmonious sound has been proven to have a beneficial effect upon the cellular, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, and can assist with addiction, illness, cancer and a myriad of diseases and conditions. It assists relaxation, relief from stress, and restores harmony within the body and mind, enabling a more fulfilled, healthy, joyous and peaceful life.

Our speakers bring a wealth of wisdom and insight into ancient and modern methods of sound and voice therapy, sharing techniques and practises, to use harmonic sound and music, to gain control over thoughts and emotions, to empower and express your voice, and enhance your life in ways you may never have imagined.

Who doesn’t want to know how the resonant Universe works, and how to transform, heal and empower their life, through attuning with ourselves and the world around us?

Throwing off old paradigms of separation, struggle, disharmony, ill-health and old conditioning that no longer serves us, but limits us and holds us back from being our authentic, harmonious, Divine Selves, this site is here to expand your mind, and transform and empower your life

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Our speakers have put together the pieces of a puzzle, seemingly long forgotten, of

  • why our stone circles, temples and pyramids were built, precisely aligned with the stars, the planets and cycles of time
  • how our ancestors used sound and the voice to heal, celebrate and transcend

How a natural harmony resonates throughout the Universe

  • Sonic geometry
  • the Platonic Solids
  • the Golden spiral
  • the Fibonacci series
  • harmonic numbers
  • magical, mathematical sequences
  • Cymatics
  • the spiral in music
  • the alluring 432Hz
  • standing waves
  • the law of attraction

Cutting-edge science and technology

  • the latest discoveries on the CymaScope, where sound is made visible
  • the benefits of Cymatherapy
  • binaural beats and neuroacoustics
  • the Default Mode Network

Myriads of methods

  • how our ancestors used sound and the voice for numerous purposes
  • how our voice reaches the stars and why our prayers are effective
  • how our voice can help us to be authentic, and can heal and empower our life
  • why we need to learn not to sing, but to truly ‘sound’
  • how and why to tone
  • the Yoga of Vocal Sound
  • how to replace missing frequencies in the voice
  • how to access our vulnerable, naked voice
  • why making sound in, and with nature, is therapeutic
  • why singing is the best medicine
  • why quartz crystal sound is so powerful
  • why songlines are revered
  • why singing to the trees is important
  • why resonating at our optimum frequency is crucial
  • why harmonic sound is the medicine of the future

What’s the Transformation?

You will learn:

  • how to use cutting-edge, therapeutic uses of sound and the voice for health and well-being
  • how to clear emotional blockages and physical discomforts to help you get moving again
  • how to entrain your brain and calm your mind
  • ways to attune, heal, build and strengthen your body
  • ways to find and empower your voice, and therefore, your life
  • how to live in a state of harmony
  • how to transform many areas of your life as you realign with your authentic, empowered Self

UNLIMITED Access – Just $15 a month!


  • Anyone wishing to learn more about our ancestors' practises, sacred spaces, harmony, frequency, resonance, geometry, entrainment, Cymatics, quartz crystal sound.
  • Anybody wishing to heal themselves using an holistic perspective
  • Anybody wishing to empower their voice
  • Anybody wishing to get more from themselves, and more from life
  • Anyone who wants to learn cutting edge sound and voice therapy
  • Musicians who want to understand harmonic scales and music
  • Sound or voice therapists who have clients or groups
  • Sound or voice therapists who want to teach or become certified
  • Speakers who want to empower their voices and gain confidence

There are no entry requirements and no age restrictions – a keen and curious mind, and one that knows there is more to life, is all that is required!


  • If you have unanswered questions about life, and our fascinating, resonant harmonic, geometric Universe..
  • If you feel there is more to life than meets the eye, and you want to reconnect with that part of you who exists ‘beyond the mind,’ to harmonise and realign with the ‘All In One,’ of which we are all a part...
  • If you feel unfulfilled, disempowered, controlled by negative thoughts or emotions..
  • If you are stuck in a bad relationship/job/place in your life..
  • If you’ve been suffering from ill health, addiction, depression, grief, anxiety or stress..

Then YES… this site is definitely for YOU! Join now by clicking the button below!

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What do I get from becoming a member?

  • When you join the TST members site, you will have UNLIMITED access to all of the video interviews, to enjoy whenever, wherever, and as often as you like!
  • Each interview is between 45-65 minutes long, packed full of timeless wisdom, knowledge, and insights. You can watch them while cooking dinner, working out or over your lunch break.
  • Each interview is also available as an audio MP3, so you can listen while driving to work, at the gym, or when walking the dog.
  • See below for a list of speakers and their topics

The site includes sound healing meditations, bonus videos from my upcoming courses on crystal sound and voice therapy, PDFs, and will evolve to include further E-Books on related topics, audio and video samples, further research from speakers who wish to share their latest discoveries, plus Access to our Facebook Group where you can initiate and join in discussions with our speakers and one another.

This TST membership site will be an ongoing resource of materials and an evolving platform as further resources and interviews are added and the initiative grows.

Thank you to my wonderful guest speakers and their lovely feedback!

Chloe Goodchild – A great achievement ‪Jen Wilson who is constellating the Call to dismantle old paradigm separateness, duality, aggressive competition, and the violent response to conflict and fear – through the transforming power of SOUND & VOICE at a crucial moment in the evolution of humanity on the planet NOW

Thanks Jen Wilson for bringing this brilliant summit together. It’s been a healing journey. Susan Hale

You did an amazing job! Jill Mattson

Your success speaks of all you did to make the summit a success and that many people are hungry for knowledge. I have lost count of the number of delegates who have requested my article! John S Reid

‪Thornton Streeter – This has been awesome- Jen your contribution has been huge, the feedback has been great

Sharry Edwards – Thankyou so much for doing this important work – I really enjoyed it.

Silvia Nakkach – Thankyou for what you are doing, making this accessible for more people.

Mandara Cromwell – Thankyou so much doing this, and for bringing this important message to the world. It’s time!


Im Jen Wilson and I hosted the Transformational Sound Therapy summit (May 2018) after I discovered the multi-layered benefits of sound and voice healing while searching for respite from deep grief after suffering the loss of my partner. After transforming my life, and in my desire to understand burning questions as to why sound and our voice is so effective in so many ways, I studied my BA(Hons) in Music Production, followed by an MSc in Therapeutic Sound and the Therapeutic Benefits of Quartz Crystal Sound. But I still had some missing pieces of the puzzle. In bringing together the world’s greatest minds in relevant fields, we are more able to solve the puzzle, and to gain a deeper insight and understanding of the miracle of life, that we may re-member, as our ancestors once did, how to live in harmony with the world of which we are a part.

I hope you feel compelled to join us on this profound and enlightening journey, into the world of transformational sound and voice therapy.

We’ve only just begun :)

Sonic Crystal Blessings
Jen Wilson

“Better than the Hay House Summit”

UNLIMITED Access – Just $15 a month!

*Here are the legendary speakers you will find on our site:

  • Jill Mattson – How Our Ancestors Used Sound and the Voice
  • Rich Merrick – Harmonic Interference
  • Dr Jeffrey Thompson – BioTuning and the Default Mode Network Entrainment system
  • John Stuart Reid – The Therapeutic Power of Vocal Sound
  • Mandara Cromwell – Cymatherapy
  • Genevra Jolie – Alchemy Crystal Tones Singing Bowls
  • Don Tolman – Wisdom of the Ancient Egyptians & White Stone Carillon Crystal Bowls
  • Sharry Edwards – BioAcoustic Biology and nanoVoice Profiling
  • Chloe Goodchild – The Naked Voice
  • Dr Thornton Streeter – Bio-field Studies and the Bio-field viewer
  • Eric Rankin – Sonic Geometry
  • Brian T Collins – Celestial Music, 432hz and the natural spiral
  • Simon Heather – The College of Sound Healing
  • James D’Angelo – The Yoga of Vocal Sound
  • Jenni Roditi – Vocal Tai Chi
  • Tareth – The Sound of the Soul
  • Susan Hale – Earth Day – Sing for the Trees
  • Tobias Kaye – Sounding Bowls

UNLIMITED Access – Just $15 a month!

Jen Wilson

Jen Wilson

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