Reclaim Your Health and Transform Your Life using Sound and Voice Therapy

A Wealth of Knowledge, Cutting Edge Science and Ancient Wisdom & Practises

  • Universal Harmony & Ancestral Wisdom

    A journey into our ancestors wisdom, who mapped the stars, built geometrical, resonant temples, pyramids and stone circles aligned with the Earth and the Cosmos, using their sacred sounds and voices to connect with the Divine, to transcend, transform and manifest self-healing and thriving communities. Universal Harmony, Harmonic Interference, Cymatics. Sonic geometry. The Golden spiral, Fibonacci series. 432Hz. Wisdom of the Ancient Egyptians and the White Stone Carillon Crystal Bowls

  • Ancient and Modern Therapeutic Sound

    Weaving ancient practises with cutting edge science and modern technology, we explore ways to use sound and the voice to gain control over our mental and emotional state, to enjoy full presence, align with a deeper truth, reclaim health, well-being and Divinity. Transform your health and empower your life using therapeutic sound and the voice. The Science of Crystal sound therapy. Cymatherapy, BioTuning and the Default Mode Network Entrainment system, Bio-field Studies. Sounding Bowls

  • Transformative Healing Powers of the Voice

    The voice can be our most powerful and intimate healing instrument. Reclaiming the unsung song, the song of the Soul, enables the mental, emotional, cellular and spiritual body to retune, and return to their optimum vibration. In full presence, in our natural harmonic state, we may then rejoin the heavenly choir of life. The Therapeutic Power of Vocal Sound, BioAcoustic Biology and nanoVoice Profiling, The Naked Voice, Yoga of Vocal Sound, Vocal Tai Chi, the Sound of the Soul

Our Speakers Interviews

A Unique Colloquium of the World's Leading Pioneers and Trailblazers

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    Audio MP3s - Transformational Sound Therapy Summit Interviews 2018
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    • Transformational Sound Therapy Speaker Interviews
    • Jill Mattson - How our Ancestors used Sound and the Voice
    • Rich Merrick - Harmonic Interference
    • Dr Jeffrey Thompson - BioTuning and the Default Mode Network Entrainment system
    • John Stuart Reid - The Therapeutic Power of Vocal Sound
    • Mandara Cromwell - Cymatherapy
    • Genevra Jolie - Alchemy Crystal Tones Singing Bowls
    • Don Tolman - Wisdom of the Ancient Egyptians & White Stone Carillon Crystal Bowls
    • Sharry Edwards - BioAcoustic Biology and nanoVoice Profiling
    • Chloe Goodchild - The Naked Voice
    • Dr Thornton Streeter - Bio-field Studies and the Bio-field viewer
    • Brian T Collins - Celestial Music, 432hz and the natural spiral
    • Eric Rankin - Sonic Geometry
    • Simon Heather - The College of Sound Healing
    • James D'Angelo - The Yoga of Vocal Sound
    • Jenni Roditi - Vocal Tai Chi
    • Tareth - The Sound of the Soul
    • Susan Hale - Earth Day - Sing for the Trees - Emma Oliver & the Song of Creation
    • Tobias Kaye - Sounding Bowls
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    Therapeutic Crystal Sound PDF
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    • Therapeutic Crystal Sound
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    Bonus Videos
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    • Amen in 432Hz by JenJen
    • Divine Higher Self - Bonus Video
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