Transformational Sound Therapy

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Transformational Sound Therapy - Audio MP3 bundle 

18 downloadable audio files 

A journey around the world, through space and time, and a myriad of practises, both ancient and modern, in how sound and the voice is used to heal your body, calm your mind and empower your life. 

Our 18 expert speakers weave together the pieces of a puzzle, of a mystery, seemingly, long forgotten... 

These interviews tell a story...  a journey into what our ancestors were doing in the pyramids of Egypt, why they built stone circles and temples, and how they used sound and the voice within them.

We weave our ancestors practises in to today's science and technologies, exploring modern, therapeutic uses of sound and the voice, including the fascinating, cutting-edge field of Cymatics, sound made visible, which has opened up our world in ways, previously unimaginable. 

We explore sonic geometry, patterns in nature, the golden spiral, Fibonacci series and other magical, mathematical sequences, including the alluring 432Hz, diving even deeper into a myriad of ways we can use sound and the voice to heal, transform and re-member ourSelves. 

Our speakers bring a wealth of wisdom, wonder and science, delving deep into the mystery of our resonant Universe, to discover how we can retune ourselves to become one with the harmonious, natural world, of which we are intrinsically a part; not only to reclaim our own health, well-being and Divinity, but that of the Earth. 

I am so happy you are joining us on this profound and enlightening journey down the rabbit hole of transformational sound.

Plus you get a bonus PDF, Therapeutic Crystal Sound, a bonus module from my upcoming crystal sound and vocal empowerment courses, PLUS a sound healing composition of 432Hz crystal singing bowls, eclectic vocals and whalesong.. a taster from my upcoming album, Coming soon! AND a free 30 min call with me, where you can experience a crystal sound healing, voice empowerment session, or discuss any relevant topic you'd like to explore further..  

Enjoy :) 

Jen Wilson
Jen Wilson