Weaving Ancient Knowledge with Current Science

Ancestral Sound and Vocal Practises in Sacred Spaces and Stone Circles

  • Universal Harmony

    Delving deep into our resonant Universe, we explore the remarkable phenomena of Sonic geometry, Platonic Solids, the Golden spiral, Fibonacci series, Standing waves, Harmonic numbers, Cymatics, the spiral in music, the alluring scale of A=432Hz, and how attuning with our harmonious natural world, enables us to reclaim our health, well-being and Divinity

  • Sacred Spaces

    A journey into our ancestors wisdom, who mapped the stars, built resonant, geometric temples, pyramids and stone circles, precisely aligned with the Earth, the Cosmos, the Solar system, and cycles of time, and used sacred sounds and their voices within them, to transcend, connect with the Divine, to heal, transform and cultivate self-sustaining, thriving communities.

  • Ancestral Practises

    Our ancestors sang, danced, prayed, chanted and used sound in their stone circles and temples, holding sacred ceremonies and shamanic rituals to honour rites of passage, attain altered states, access Spirit realms, heal the sick, celebrate and ritualise harmony and Divine presence, enabling them to live in a state of harmony and connectedness

Universal Harmony, Ancestral Sound and Vocal Practises in Sacred Spaces and Stone Circles

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Universal Harmony & our Ancestors Wisdom

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Universal Harmony, Celestial music, Sonic geometry, the Golden Spiral, 432Hz, frequency, Cymatics, ancestral practises, Indigenous wisdom and the healing wonders of nature

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