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Five downloadable interviews. 

A journey into what our ancestors were doing in the pyramids of Egypt, why they built stone circles and temples, and how they used sound and the voice within them.

Download these 5 insightful interviews, all you ever wanted to know about universal harmony and our ancestors practises using sound and the voice.

* Jill Mattson shares how, through studying encoded messages found within the promotional material of secret societies, she discovered how our ancestors used sound and the voice for healing, in ceremonies, rituals, and their healing practises. Their practises suggest our ancestors were not only aware of sacred geometry and the benefits when used with sound (think cymatics!), but that they approached both with conscious intent and deliberation in their rituals and ceremonies within stone circles. A fascinating interview not to be missed, Jill takes us back to where it all began, leading us through the ages, bringing us innovative ways we can help ourselves today, using ancient wisdom and methods!  

* Rich Merrick talks about the Golden spiral as a foundation for harmony, how resonating planets produce the Music of the Spheres, and how a larger pattern does indeed appear to be guiding evolution. Rich shares how everything from atoms to galaxies, contain harmonic liquid crystals, which can assist meditation, help us to balance emotions, and heal the body. In this interview, you will find many gems of inspiring insights into our harmonic Universe.. through harmonic interference, standing waves and the Venus Blueprint, the cosmic flower of life, woven in the skies by our planet of love.

* According to Eric Rankin, "we live in a geometric universe, a harmonious universe; in a system that is acting and designed in harmony….geometry is always revealing beautiful music." He claims this is something we know without knowing we know it. It is a primal knowing.
Through Pythagoras' mathematically perfect ratios in music, to the Fibonacci sequence, the spiral and sonic geometry, Eric says we are connected to nature. We don't need plants or medicines, we just need frequency to activate the pineal gland to see the bigger reality. Frequencies are the primordial force that create everything; and we are frequency designed bio-machines designed to be acting and living in concert with this harmonic frequency. A matrix holds everything together and being in nature brings you into it.
Eric's groundbreaking film, Sonic Geometry 432, says there are coincidences in recurring numbers throughout the Universe, in the patterns, cycles and measurements of our planets, temples and pyramids, and that the way these numbers talk to each other is through harmony. "Coincidences are Gods way of remaining anonymous and the Universes way of communicating with itself."
Eric says a message has been making its way across the cosmos into our collective consciousness for 100s of years… and the message is harmony. The Universe is acting in harmony with itself and we are invited to do the same thing. He concludes there should be a symbol for consciousness and that we are not done, we are just beginning...our ancestors knew something profound.. and we can build on that with our current technology and knowledge of frequency.

* Brian Collins shares his wealth of wisdom and knowledge about celestial sound, the natural spiral, advanced stone circles, standing waves, 432Hz music and his new, 36 string, sound healing instrument. He says new models of quantum physics, which strip back the straight jackets of logic reality, are removing fundamental flaws in quantum mechanics and the big bang theory, enabling a more natural organic perspective. A fascinating and insightful interview, Brian's closing message is that we need to take sound therapy much more seriously than we currently do in the western world.

* Don Tolman takes us on a fascinating journey into how ancient wisdom tells of walking the rainbow bridge, through the 7 colours of light, food and sound, where, at the end we will find the pot of gold, which is a symbol of our vessel, our body, in its highest form. the 7 notes of the octave, the 7 colours of the rainbow, 7 body systems, 7 vowels, 7 days of the week, the 7 continents and 7 seas.
Tune in as Don reveals the secrets of Ancient Egypt and their White Stone Carillon crystal singing bowls, precision built, using sacred proportions, aligned with the pyramids, to ensure maximum resonance and healing benefits.

Jen Wilson

Jen Wilson

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