Healing Powers of the Voice

Ancient Cultural, Sacred and Scientific

  • Ancestral Voices

    Rare insights into how our ancestors used devotional, sacred, primal and shamanic voices to heal and empower their lives, to harmonise, attune, align and be at-one with their natural world. Using sound, song, prayer and dance in harmonically resonant temples, pyramids and stone circles, sacred ceremonies and shamanic rituals were held to honour rites of passage, attain altered states, access Spirit realms, heal the sick, celebrate, ritualise harmony and Divine presence, enhance reality and live in a state of harmony and connectedness

  • Modern Vocal Practises

    Discover through Cymatics how our voice can heal our body, how Bio-Acoustics and Vocal Profiling can be beneficial for many ailments. How simply being aware and being our most, authentic self, can empower our voice and transform our life. Combining ancient cultural practises with cutting edge technology has given us new techniques to retune to our natural harmonic state where healing and transcendence can occur. The Therapeutic Power of Vocal Sound, The Naked Voice, Yoga of Vocal Sound, Vocal Awareness, the Sound of the Soul

  • The Empowered Voice

    Express primal, sacred and shamanic voices, give expression to the many voices of your soul. Be your naked vulnerable self as you reclaim and empower your soul song, KNOW and express your authentic truth. Reclaim your vocal power, boost your confidence, and transform your life from the inside out, as your cellular, emotional, mental and spiritual bodys realign, and return to their optimum vibration. In full presence, in our natural harmonic state, we may return to health and vitality, and rejoin the heavenly choir of life

Therapeutic Vocal Sound ~ Vocal Awareness, NanoVoice Profiling, the Yoga of Vocal Sound, Naked Voice, Song of Creation and Sound of the Soul

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Ancient, Cultural, Sacred and Scientific Healing Powers of the Voice

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The Healing Powers of the Voice

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