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Five downloadable interviews. 

Discover how, through reclaiming the power of the voice, we can optimise our health, harmonise our minds, and transform our lives, as we restore our inner harmony, and reconnect with the natural world of which we are intrinsically a part; reclaiming our own well-being and Divinity, alongside that of the Earths. 

* Sharry Edwards, MEd,  Director of the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology. says everyone we meet, every thought and experience we have, adds or subtracts to our frequency, yet we give our own frequency, the least attention. She says we forgot to stay tuned and we forgot how to do it. Her NanoVoice software reveals the authentic self, from our own fundamental DNA to someone elses intentions.
With the Healthcare system in crisis, Sharry's intention is to create an opportunity for we, the people to reclaim our own health by taking control of our own frequency-based bio-markers contained within our voice, keeping us healthy and emotionally balanced.

* James D'Angelo brings a wealth of wisdom and knowledge about the simplicity of the yoga of vocal sound and how we can use the toning of simple vowel sounds for our health, well-being and full presence.

* Jenni Roditi's Vocal Tai Chi, explores the pathway between heaven and Earth, using the raw, unfiltered voice to connect to something greater, where we can vocalise our longing, before stabilising and grounding it in to our body and the Earth. Jenni's two improvisation choirs, TIC-TOC Sing, help people to overcome their fear, and fulfil their hunger and longing to express themselves, in any moment. She sees her work as an art practise as well as a healing practise, and says it is an analysis of vocal sound. Bringing discipline to the spontaneous expression.. being thoroughly gentle and throughly genuine.. blending the raw and nuanced voices. Jenni insists we need such contrast, moving from form to formless, while going ever deeper in to our voice and grounding it in our bodies. Beautiful interview!

* Tareth - The Sound of the Soul
Everything gives off a sound, from the Sound of the soul, the sounds of the trees, the earth, stone circles, to the sound of DNA. Tareth declares when DNA is healthy, it can be broadcast to enhance and rebalance a persons well being. When people can hear the sound of their meridians and their DNA, they can better help themselves to heal. Manifesting sounds of healing and of the subtle body, Tareth is among the only healers who have been positively tested by scientist, where he healed poisoned seeds with a 70% success rate.
From an early age Tareth has been "hearing" sounds that most people are unable to hear and are often aware of.  Tareth reveals how this gift has changed his life, describing the beauty of the sounds he hears from a tree, and how, once people become aware of it for themselves, they can do it for themselves, helping humanity as a whole. Tareth says, we are ALL a miracle of life, waiting to be heard and sung into being.

*Susan Hale -Earth Day and Sing for the Trees
Susan's message is delightful, simple, poignant, and gravely important. Her beautiful book, Emma Oliver, is about remembering the voice of our inner child, healing that place within, and singing the song of creation. Susan brings a deeply moving and powerful message for all of us in a critical time on our planet. We must now become our own healers, find our own voice, and be the voice of the Earth, if we are to save the Earth from further destruction. The Earth needs our voices now! It is time to reclaim our truth, our health, our Divinity, and our birthright to fully be and truly express who we are. Tune in!

Jen Wilson

Jen Wilson

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