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Five downloadable interviews.  

Discover innovative ways to optimise your health, using cutting edge sound therapy technologies and science, interwoven with our ancestors practises. In these 5 interviews we explore modern, therapeutic uses of sound and the voice, including the fascinating, cutting-edge field of Cymatics, sound made visible, which has opened up our world in ways, previously unimaginable.

* Dr Jeffrey Thompson - Bio-tuning and Default Mode Network - shares his wealth of wisdom of bio-tuning, neuroacoustics, binaural beats and his new Default Mode Network entrainment system, a new and highly evolved meditation practise that is the first of its kind to synchronise the four hemispheres of the brain, bringing you into deep relaxation, and taking you to places you didn't even know existed.

* John Stuart Reid explains how sound is made, how it propagates in bubbles, how our perception of a "soundwave" is outdated, what holographic sound is, and how our songs reach the stars. John shares how an Acoustic experiment in the Great Pyramid inspired him to make the CymaScope, his groundbreaking, cutting edge, technological instrument which makes sound visible, and is changing the way we approach, not only healing ourselves, but how we view life as a whole.
John's new working hypotheses investigates how the body uptakes sound, forming Cymatic patterns on the membrane of our cells, which trigger the body's healing response, helping the cells to "wake up' from the 'sleep state,' which is the root of many dis-eases. We learn how the Primary Cillia may act like tuning forks, showing that cells are sensitive to frequencies, how every atom contains all the vibrational information relating to our unique voice, how singing has been proven to heal our DNA, why the gong is the best sound healing instrument, and the real reason we need to choose our company wisely! Don't miss this cutting edge knowledge!

*Mandara Cromwell shares her journey of how she came to work with Peter Manners, and how she developed Cymatherapy after being gifted his 40 year body of work. She tells us how nearly all disease is caused by stress. Learn how sound delivered via her Acoustic Meridian Intelligence device, can help the cells within the body become de-stressed, and which has been proven to help with sports injury, Alzheimers, cancer and disorders within the respiratory, immune, endocrine and digestive systems.

*Dr Thornton Streeter, CEO of CBS, Centre for Biofield Studies, shares the wonders of the 'honest imaging system' that is the Bi0-field viewer, which visually reveals the 'resonance,' and hence the health, of our aura. Thornton tells us, there is nothing the body cannot heal... Only if we stop listening to the soundtrack of our lives, do we become ill. He assures us that presence is the only thing we need to bring to our healing space and our healing journey, and that simply by holding space, and using sound, we can make the system aware of itself so it can retune itself. Tune in to this refreshing and enlightening interview with Dr Streeter. 

* Simon Heather shares how his experience with his own healing, inspired him to set up the College of Sound Healing, one of the most highly respected and well known sound healing colleges in the UK. Simon shares how sound healing can be used to assist dementia, for pregnancy, for animals. He brings a simple message ~ that if we allow our voice to come through, if we open and allow a state of surrender, we can indeed heal ourselves and empower our life.  

Jen Wilson

Jen Wilson

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