Sacred Sound Healing

Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science and Cutting Edge Technology

  • Ancient Practises using Sacred Sound

    A journey into how sound has been used to transform, transcend and heal since ancient times, through our ancestors practises who built geometric, resonant temples, pyramids and stone circles aligned with the Earth and the Cosmos, where their sacred sounds and voices sang out, to connect with the Divine, to transcend, transform, celebrate, initiate and inspire self-healing and thriving communities.

  • Modern Methods of Scientific Sound

    Weaving ancient practises with cutting edge science and modern technology, we explore ways to use sound and the voice to enhance well-being, achieve optimum health, embody a deeper presence and higher vibration. The Science of Crystal sound therapy. Cymatics Cymatherapy, BioTuning, the Default Mode Network Entrainment system, Bio-field Studies and Sounding Bowls

  • Transformational Therapeutic Sound

    Simple sound healing practises and cutting edge sound technology are used to alter brainwave states, destress the body and realign body, heart and mind. Beneficial for every system in the body, harmonic, calming sound can help wth addiction, physical, mental and emotional challenges, pain, to resolve trauma, transcend limitations and induce joy and full presence

Ancient Practises & Modern Methods using Sound

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The Transformative Powers of Sound

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Weaving ancient wisdom and Indigenous traditions with cutting edge science and technology

Cymatics, Cymatherapy, BioTuning, the Default Mode Network Entrainment system, 432Hz Crystal bowls, the Bio-field Viewer

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